Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims’ Welfare Board

The Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board was established some decades ago. It is saddled with the responsibility of protecting and safe guarding the interest and welfare of pilgrims from Lagos State.

The Board also ensures adequate provision of suitable arrangement in the area of transportation, accommodation, health,

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immigration and currency requirements during Umrah (Lesser Hajj) and Hajj proper.The main objective of the Board is primarily to ensure efficient and effective pilgrimage to the Holy Land of (Mecca and Medina).



Actualizing blissful umrah and Hajj operations and articulating the propagation of Islamic Tenets.


Ensuring courteous and efficient service delivery on Umrah and Hajj operations through a motivated and professional workforce.



BLK 22/23 Oba Akinjobi way,

Old Secretariat,



E-mail – [email protected]

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